Home is Best Diaspora Summit 2016


  • The Diaspora Home is Best Summit is one of the major efforts to bring the Ugandan Diaspora into active participation in private investment home, not only as a contribution to the national development, but to provide a ‘soft landing’ for members when they decide to come back home.

    The annual summit brings together a cross-section of Ugandans in Diaspora, as well as the public and private sector in Uganda. It takes place in December when most of Ugandans trek home to join their families during the festive season.

    The summit focuses on Uganda’s investment opportunities and challenges, as well as the role the Ugandan Diaspora can play in investing back home and in mobilizing the international business community to invest in the country.

    During the summit, participants examine the current measures and initiatives made available at home and globally to enable Diaspora-led investments into their home land Uganda.

    Each summit pays special attention to priority sectors like agriculture (commercial farming and agro-possessing), services like education, health care and tourism accommodation, mining, ICT, multimedia etc.

    The summit agenda / outcomes will normally include the practical actions, time lines and tools that will lead to improved measures for better environment and embark on initiatives that will promote more Diaspora-led investments in the country.

    Over the years, since 2004, the summits have acted as a platform for the Ugandan Diaspora to present their views and issues to the government of Uganda on the investment climate and issues to do with the social, economic and political enablers in the country’s quest for development.

    For more information: Mr John Musajjakawa  on +256-414-301-132 or email: musajja@ugandainvest.go.ug 

    • Enable the Ugandans in the Diaspora to appreciate the economic development all over the country;
    • Provide the opportunity to explore firsthand the investment opportunities in the different regions;
    • Establish a sustainable platform for dialogue and networking between Government on one hand and both Ugandans living in the Diaspora and those residing the country, on the other hand.

  • The summit is organized in different regions on a rotation basis and is structured to include: discussion panels, presentations relevant to investment and success stories, question and answer sessions as well as media events. Exciting and informative side events usually include business exhibitions, entertainment, cultural activities, dinners and cocktails.

  • Diaspora needs and recommendations, discussions on challenges, and new opportunities comprise the largest part of the summit, which translates into a wealth of solutions to hindrances encountered when Diaspora Ugandans try to invest back home. Government interventions as well as private sector activities create an enabling business environment. During the summit private sector in various fields including financial services, real estate development, and trading houses among others pitch their businesses to the Diaspora during networking sessions in a bid to close on mutually beneficial ventures.