In Uganda a ‘Micro Enterprise’ is an enterprise employing up to four people, with an annual sales/revenue turnover or total assets not exceeding Uganda shillings 10 million. On the other hand Small Enterprises employ between 5 and 49 and have total assets between UGX: 10 million but not exceeding 100 million. The Medium Enterprise therefore, employs between 50 and 100 with total assets more than 100 million but not exceeding 360 million.
The SME Division (SMED) of Uganda Investment Authority supports and facilitates the development of MSMEs who are majorly domestic entrepreneurs. The overall goal of the SME division is: Developing Sustainable Domestic Investments & SME’s.


  • Facilitation and support for development of competitive SMEs in the priority sectors
  • Increase revenues earned by SMEs.
  • Facilitation and support for SMEs under the National Content inclusion in priority sectors
  • Improved access to business related information
  • Advocacy for and on behalf of SMEs.


This annual Alternative Finance Convention is expected to cut through the clutter & confusion, making it easy to gain the knowledge, connections and tools needed to achieve success and raise the capital or funding you need.

The Conference offers participating entities – including small business owners, entrepreneurs, humanitarians,  creative types, and the founders of high-growth start-ups – the ability to raise capital from well beyond the known traditional methods of financing such as immediate friends and families, Banks, and other money vehicles. The effect of all this is new business development so as to transform the economy of our country. Read More 

The annual event is organized in each member country i.e. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan on a rotational basis since 1999. 

The exhibitions promote MSME products and have contributed to the improvement of their products and services through using the Jua Kali Exhibition platform to network and learn new technologies. This has promoted competitiveness and will contribute to the development of the East African Community economy as the region integrates more to form a formidable bloc on the global market.   

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