Business Incubators help both start-ups and existing small businesses to grow sustainably, hence lowering the mortality rate through the use of good businesses practices and appropriate technology. UIA is in the process of setting up a mixed-use business incubation centre at Kampala Industrial Business Park (KIBP) in Namanve to Facilitate, support and nurture MSMEs.
The incubation centre is planned to assist emerging companies gain access to mentors, training, shared space, professional assistance, capital, and other services that will move them onto the fast- track to success. By fulfilling this mission, the centre will contribute to job creation and enhanced economic growth in the region. The business incubator is to provide shared facilities and offices for agro-processing, metal fabrication, furniture, leather and ICT, and also provision of business assistance, mentoring, networking and other technical resources.
In addition SME Division is planning to establish at least 500 work spaces and common facility centres for the small scale industrialists in each of the UIA Industrial and Business Parks.

The facility shall be planned on 10 acres of land to handle enterprises from the following sectors.

  1. Metal work, welding & machine fabrication
  2. Food & agro-processing
  3. Leather crafts and tanning
  4. Carpentry and woodworks
  5. Motor vehicle repair & mechanics
  6. Handicrafts and basketry
  7. Paper and printing
  8. Electrical works & electronics
  9. Herbal, chemical & Pharmaceuticals
  10. Mobile phone, computer repair & ICT
  11. Textiles, garments and apparel

The goal of this facility is to provide support to existing and start-up small scale manufacturing enterprises by providing them with dedicated and affordable workspaces, common facilities, equipment as well as organizational, legal, financial, advisory and informative services. Through providing an ideal ecosystem that provides all the services that small scale industrial enterprises in a cluster require, this facility will encourage business start-up and survival.