Investor of the Year (INOY)

The Investor of the Year (INOY) Awards gala is an annual event organized by the Uganda Investment Authority that recognizes investors that have successfully implemented and commissioned licensed operational business  projects  within a given time period.

Download INOY 2017 Questionnaire:



Please contact:

The Director

Investment Facilitation and Aftercare Division

Uganda Investment Authority

Investment Centre

Plot 22B, Lumumba Avenue-TWED Plaza

P.O. Box 7418, Kampala.

Tel: 0414-301-100





1. INOY Winner (Overall best performer)

1st Runner up

2nd Runner up

Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

2. Best in Medium sized Enterprises (Overall best performer)

1st Runner up

2nd Runner up

Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award

3. Best in Small sized Enterprises (Overall best performer)

1st Runner up

2nd Runner up

Gold AwardSilver Award

Bronze Award

4. Best EntrepreneurCertificate & award

5. Certificates of recognition

Latest technological and environmentally friendly application.

Commendable local staff development program.

New product in economy.

Exceptional contribution to community.

Ordinary certificates
6. Most Entrepreneurial WomanCertificate & award
7. Most Investment Promotional Uganda Diplomat AbroadCertificate of distinguished service


Conditions for eligibility

INOY covers projects that were licensed by UIA and commissioned operation within the 2 year period  leading to the particular year’s event. It suffices to note that re-investments as well qualify to participate.

Parameters used in the evaluation

1. Generation of new earnings/savings of forex
2. Creation of employments opportunities (above 50 jobs gets full marks)
3. Project multiplier effects (backward/forward)
4. Evidence of quality control & competitiveness internationally
5. Use of local materials (inputs)
6. Enhancement of job skills
7. Environmental considerations
8. Level of investment and capital inflow
9. Introduction of new improved products on the market
10. Social contribution and welfare
  1. The Investor Facilitation Division jointly with the Investor Promotion Division nominate 30 – 40 projects, based on returned questionnaires and other methods, for committee to consider;
  2. A panel of judges is formed comprising representatives from private sector institutions, Uganda Investment Authority, Uganda Export Promotion Board, Uganda Manufacturers’ Association, Uganda Press Journalist Association, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Private Sector Foundation Uganda, National Environment Management Authority and Uganda National Council of Science and Technology;
  3. The panel of judges makes the final selection from the nominated projects and then physical monitoring of the projects is carried out. Video coverage of the monitored projects guides other panel members who might not have visited the projects for informed opinion during the final evaluation.

An Award Ceremony is carried out; usually at a banquet dinner where UIA informs the nation who the acclaimed investors of the said period are.


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