China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) propose to develop the Greater Masaka Industrial and Business Park

By Uganda Investment Authority

A delegation from China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) led by their Acting Country Manager Mr. Zheng Biao visited UIA with a sole interest of investing and developing infrastructure in the greater Masaka Industrial and Business Park.

They are primarily looking at construction of infrastructure extension of water, power, tarmacking roads and construction of a sewerage facility in the park. In addition to that, they are also considering 3 projects to invest in that include: setting up a fish processing factory, fish feeds processing factory and a glass making factory for the start and there after invite potential Chinese enterprises to co-invest in other sectors of the economy within the industrial park.

UIA welcomed and is ready to assist them put their proposal into actuation.


Mr. Zheng Biao handshake with Ag. UIA ED