Hon Anite Flags Off Over 10,000 locally handcrafted products to the Global Market

By Shamim Saad

The State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization, Hon Evelyn Anite, accompanied by the Uganda Investment Board Chairman Morrison Rwakakamba have flagged off over 10,000 locally handcrafted products for the global markets.

These products, woven by women working for the All Across Africa Organization in Bweyogerere, are crafted from grass and banana fibers, turning these materials into valuable baskets and other items.

Over 2,000 Ugandan women, organized in cooperatives across the country, produce more than 30,000 units per week. These items are shipped to top U.S. retailers such as Target, Kohl’s, Neiman Marcus, West Elm, and Kate Spade.

Hon Anite expressed her excitement about these locally produced goods reaching major corporations like Walmart, CNN, Disney, and other notable companies.

She highlighted the significant impact this has on the livelihoods of Ugandan women, enabling them to better provide for their families and children’s education.

‚ÄúPreviously, women sold their products for UGX 5,000, but with the support of All Across Africa, they now have access to a global market. We are going global with this. I appreciate you empowering our youngsters and young ladies. This broadens the range of our offerings beyond coffee,” Anite stated.

All Across Africa is an organization dedicated to driving social change through the ethical production and distribution of sustainably made artisan goods.

Gregory Stone, Chief Executive Officer of All Across Africa, mentioned that they employ approximately 2,130 workers in Uganda and 8,000 in Ghana and Rwanda.

The organization aims to expand its market reach to Asia and will be in continuous communication with the Uganda Investment Authority to achieve this goal.

Stone also noted that the organization has been in business globally for 15 years and plans to start a local market by opening a shop where people can view different designs at a Friday market, enhancing their online presence.