Why are the Indians and Chinese taking Retail Business from Ugandans?

By Uganda Investment Authority
UIA ED interviewed by Kingdom TV
This was the question posed to Eng Dr Frank Sebbowa by Kingdom TV this afternoon. ‘Where are the Ugandans from whom retail business is being taken away?, he asked in response. Nevertheless, he agreed that it was not fair for foreigners to come into the country and take on small retail business.
He was of the opinion that these were probably employees of the investors who had been licensed to set up value adding investments.
He said that there were cases where employees of a company left their work for one reason or another to engage in petty business to survive. He advised Ugandans to be vigilant at pointing these out so that the law may take its course.
 Eng Dr Sebbowa, informed Kingdom TV that Ugandans should not be too quick to label Indians as ‘foreign business people’. This is because, ‘many are born in Uganda and their descendants came to Uganda a long time ago’, he said.
He also told Kingdom that traders were not licensed by Uganda Investment Authority.  The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, which is in charge of trade, is currently working on how to guide the retail business and how foreign engagement can be involved. He said, Uganda prefers investors in the value adding sector because that is what creates jobs and adds value to Uganda’s products.