Launch of a marketing platform at Nakaseke Telecentre

By Uganda Investment Authority
Nakaseke Marketing Platform UIA

Muppets to Gazelles is a project that started in 2014 led by Eindhoven University of Technology and supported by Uganda Investment Authority(UIA), Makerere Business School(MUBS) and Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL). It aimed at improving the livelihoods of rural entrepreneurs through understanding the status quo in regards to their needs and providing tailored business solutions that encompass not only existing community resources but also entrepreneur’s own capabilities.

On Tuesday 13th September 2016, UIA and its partners launched a marketing platform in Nakaseke Telecentre to connect farmers to sellers within and beyond Nakaseke. The launch was presided over by Hon. Galabuzi Ssozi, the State Minister of Luweero Triangle.

Mrs. Rebecca Kiconco, the project manager said that in their journey since 2014, they noted that one of the major challenges farmers faced was lack of access to markets and the low prices offered by middlemen being that they was monopoly. “We sought to bridge this gap by piloting a customized ICT solution and thus the birth of the marketing platform. The marketing platform is an online space or system where farmers can have a direct link with the buyers in larger markets within and beyond the boundaries Nakaseke.” She said.

The UIA acting Executive Director Mr. Lawrence Byensi informed the present officials that the marketing platform at Nakaseke Tele-centre ties in with UIA’s Mandate & Functions and he’s happy about the changing mindset of Ugandan entrepreneurs. “This platform is about connecting the sellers to the buyers as well as sharing market information like prices of commodities. It brings about transparency on market information and details to all the Platform subscribers.” He said.

Hon Galabuzi referred to this project as special because it targeted the rural woman. He said that most women entrepreneurs especially those in rural areas are more likely to be in the informal sector, running small firms and operating in low value-added sectors. For this reason, the government of Uganda appreciates the Muppets to Gazelles project and the entire implementation team for such an innovative program that aims at changing the mindset of a rural entrepreneurial woman.


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