Call for Business Development Services to SMEs

By Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda Investment Authority plans to extend Business Development Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in and around Kampala and are involved in value adding activities like; textile, shoe making, bakery, soap making, Agro-processing, candle making, art and craft, paper manufacturing, maize processing, fish processing, making sanitary towels, production of jelly, processing of bottled water, oil seed extraction, wine processing, sesame processing, honey processing, fruit drying and packaging, silage and hay production, poultry feeds making, ginger processing, Soya milk processing, tooth brush making and paint manufacturing among others.

Interested SMEs should meet the following requirements

  1. Domestic firms/ associations/ groups using locally available raw materials
  2. Legally registered entity or about to register in the near future
  • Domestic firms/ associations/ groups already with products in market
  1. Ready to start processing quality marks from UNBS
  2. Firms in small scale manufacturing/ processing / value addition
  3. Prospects and capacity to expand (creating employment and helping to spawn other businesses)
  • Evidence of well-maintained business records
  • Offer import substitution products and services
  1. Are there aspects of your business you would like to improve?

Confirm if you wish to be a part by filling in the online questionnaire below or  come and fill a form at UIA offices or visit the nearest Division/ Municipality offices in not later than 2 weeks from the date of appearance of this advertisement.

For more information contact;