Entreprenuership Training Program

Uganda Investment Authority has for the past 10 years been implementing the Entrepreneurship Training programme in collaboration with its partners MUBS and MTAC.

The main objective is to enable entrepreneurs to access and utilize appropriate business skills, information and services aimed at achieving a sustainable and competitive private sector in the long run.

Entrepreneurs are taken through key aspects of successfully starting, running and sustaining an enterprise.

The program mainly targets those intending to start business, businesses in the early stages, businesses interested in expanding and, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).



The programme is demand driven and training is carried out in groups of 60 – 70 entrepreneurs

Target Beneficiaries

In general, the project mainly targets those intending to start business, businesses in the early stages, businesses interested in expanding and, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

Other areas of focus include existing companies in agribusiness and service sectors, individuals with general retail operations who are seeking to diversify into new value-added activities and entrepreneurs who have benefited from specific grants or credit facilities and are seeking assistance to make effective use of such facilities. 

In the selection of the target beneficiaries, emphasis is given to women who form a significant part of the workforce in Uganda but still lag behind in this sector.

Programme Admission

Groups can submit lists of 60 names with telephone contacts and businesses members are engaged in together with a covering letter requesting for training to UIA offices.


Training is 3 days long during which four modules are covered after which participants are awarded certificates. It is conducted in collaboration with our training partners i.e. MUBS, MTAC and UWEAL. It is free of charge.