SMEs tipped on exploiting UIA services

By David Muwanga

Kampala, UGANDA: The Uganda Investment Authority UIA) treats both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs as investors.

“You are all the same when it comes to exploiting services provided by the UIA, it is better for you to come to the UIA offices to learn how you can benefit from what we provide,” said the UIA Deputy Director for Investment Promotion and Development Martin Muhangi.

Mr. Muhangi was part of the panelists at the 2019 Top 100 conference held at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala.

The conference that was held on the theme “SME’s shaping the Future of Business Landscape” was organized by the UIA, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daily Monitor, DFCU Bank and Insurance Company of East Africa.

He told the investors that UIA has established a One Stop Centre where it has become easy for registering a business in Uganda.

“The centre is comprised of all government departments that are related to investment, it is you who have delayed to come and utilize the services,”

The services provided at the OSC include but not limited to those provided by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), KCCA, NEMA, Diamond Trust bank.

Others are Uganda Free Zones Authority, Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), Uganda National Bureau of Standards and Uganda Investment Authority.

“The provision of these services under one roof has saved time for investors who plan to start businesses in Uganda as they are no longer required to move to the different locations where these agencies were located,” said Leslie Mutumba, the UIA Investment Executive, SME division.

CAPTION: L-R-Mr. Leslie Mutumba, Mr, Arthur Makara, the Ministry’s Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation and Ms. Joanne Mwangi, the CEO of the Nairobi based Professional Marketing Services. fff