Soap production training in Kanungu district

By Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda Investment Authority in partnership with Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) organized a one week soap production training at Kihihi, Kanyantorogo in Kanungu district to promote Small and Medium Enterprises’ products and service standards for quality assurance production in the region. The need for training arose when a group of unified local palm oil growers realized the importance of value addition to the harvested palm oil out puts and how much more value they could earn from processed palm oil.

The UIRI experts trained more than 70 locals in soap production processes. Among them included youth and students from Kanyantorogo, kihihi and Okarara viilage in Kanungu district. The district LC 3 chairman Mr. Tumuhamye Kenneth presided over the opening of the workshop.

He appreciated this government initiative and made a commitment to the participants to buy the required equipment and startup consumables for the locals to engage in soap production and increase their household income.

The District Commercial Officer, Mr. Twesigye Richard informed the participants that the idea of palm oil growing was borrowed from DRC and had been embraced in kihihi though on small scale. He encouraged the palm oil growers to carry out soap production and also form a joint cooperative registered at district level to enable sharing of skills and knowledge among the community.