By Uganda Investment Authority

The Executive Director Mrs. Jolly K. Kaguhangire visited Nsambya Carpentry and Crafts  Development Association (NSACADA), a group of people that was initiated by the UIA as a furniture cluster in 2013.

The 150 member team has continuously worked together to change lives and provide employment to the Ugandan youths. So far, they have managed to acquire a number of achievements including having their own proposed training center and a showroom. However they still have challenges that include the following:
  • Need to own a permanent home and stop renting the Nsambya premises.
  • Need to acquire 3 acres in the Kampala Industrial and Business Park
  • The need to get external training partners from countries like China.
ED pledged to support them through the fully fledged SME division at UIA that trains and facilitates the domestic investors. She encouraged them to continue training and improve on their standards to attract the export market.