Variable DateSource
1 Summary Statistics
Region East Africa
Surface Area (Square Km)2415512014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Population 346346502014UBOS
Population Growth Rate3.032014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Population Density (Persons per Square Km)1732014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Capital CityKampala
Capital city population15070802014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
2Economic Indicators
GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in billion shs)27000World Bank (IDA)
GDP Growth Rate542278UBOS
Per capita Income (Ug shs per person)21030352015UBOS
Contribution of Agriculture Sector to GDP0.242015UBOS
Foreign Exchange Rate (per US Dollar)33792016BoU
Inflation Rate4.32016BoU
Central Bank Rate (CBR)162016BoU
Inter-bank Lendig Rate24.62016BoU
3Sector Share of GDP (%)
Sector Share of the sector in %ge
Agriculture, forestry and fishing0.242015MoFPED: Annual Economic Perf. Report for 2014/15; at Dec 2015
Taxes on products 0.0842015MoFPED
4Demographic and Socio-economic Indicators
Percentage urban population0.2142014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Sex Ratio (Males per 100 females94.62014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Maternal Mortality Rate (deaths per 100,000 live births)438 per 100,0002011Uganda Demo & Health Survey (UDHS)
Infant Morality Rate (deaths per 1000 live births)53 per 1,0002014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Total Fertility Rate0.0582014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Literacy Rate0.7222014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
HIV Prevalency Rate0.0732012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Young Population (0-30 years)0.782013NDP (National Development Plan) II
NB: World's Youngest Population, after Niger
Dependant Population (0-15 years)0.522013NDP (National Development Plan) II
Water production by NWSC in cubic meters per annum93.8 million 2013/2014UBOS
Access to Safe Water:
- Urban0.742014/2015Govt Annual Performance Report by OPM
- Rural0.652014/2015Govt Annual Performance Report by OPM
Life Expectancy at Birth: Over all63.32014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
For Males62.22014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
For Females64.22014UBOS: Pop & Housing Census
Population below the Poverty line (Percentage)0.1972012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Population below the Poverty line (Number of persons)6.3 million persons2012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Unemployment Rate: Overall0.0942012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Unemployment Rate: Urban0.082012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Unemployment Rate: Rural0.12012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Unemployment Rate: Males0.082012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Unemployment Rate: Females0.112012/2013UBOS: Ug National HH Survey
Pupil Teacher ratio (Primary 2014) 462014UBOS Statistical Abstract
Pupil Classroom ratio (Primary 2014) 582014UBOS Statistical Abstract
Student Teacher ratio (Secondary 2014) 222014UBOS Statistical Abstract
Student Classroom ratio (Secondary 2014)532014UBOS Statistical Abstract
5Priority Areas of the Economy (NDP II; 2015/16 - 2019/20)
- Agriculture
- Tourism
- Minerals, Oil and Gas
- Infrastructure Development
- Human Capital Dev't
6Priority Investment Sectors
- Agriculture and Agro-processing
- Tourism
- Mining
- Information & Communication Technology
- Inftrastructure
7Geographical Indicators
Latitude 4o12’N & 1o29’S2014UBOS
Longitude 29o34’E & 35o0’E2014UBOS
Altitude (minimum ASL) 620 meters2014UBOS
(maximum ASL) 55,111meters2014UBOS
Total surface area 241,550.7 km22014UBOS
Area under land200,523.2 km22014UBOS
Area under water and swamps 41,027 km22014UBOS
Temperature 14-31oC2014UBOS
Rainfall 2014 1000 -1606 mm/year2014UBOS
8Land Cover or Use
Agriculture 0.38UBOS
Built up area0.02UBOS
9Export and Import of Goods & Services in 2015-(Value)
Total Exports of Goods - fob (US$ millions)2650.92016BoU: Dissemination Statistics Table; Feb 2016
Total Imports of Goods - fob (US$ millions)49112016BoU
Total Exports of Services (US$ millions)2202.42016BoU
Total Imports of Services (US$ millions)2737.32016BoU
Total installed capacity of Hydro Electric power plants per annum867.0 Mega Watts2014UBOS
Number of UMEME Customers 6505732014UBOS
ERA - End User Retail Electricity Tariffs (Shs/kWh): Starting April 20162016Electricity Regulatory Authority, 8th April 2016
i) Domestic consumer640.2
ii)Commercial consumer578.3
iii) Medium Industrial consumer536.2
iv) Large Industrial consumer361.1
v) Street lighting619.5