Uganda Investment Authority encourages Ugandans to exploit trade and investment opportunities that exist with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Annual Uganda Convention – UAE which provides a platform for networking and sharing business opportunities.

The 3rd annual convention was held in October 15-18, at Hyatti Regency Hotel-Deira in Dubai, and organized by the Diaspora Ugandans in collaboration with the Uganda Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The objectives of the convention include;

  1. Sharing information on investment opportunities,
  2. Discussion on challenges, solutions and
  3. Business matchmaking, an exhibition and trade fair among others.

The UAE is a potential source for foreign direct investments and Joint Ventures which can be concluded during the Convention. The UAE is also a leading destination for Uganda’s exports surpassing the European Union since 2016. Uganda exporters therefore, need to harness this increasingly viable opportunities to increase exports to the UAE.


Potential Ugandan export products to the UAE that include semi manufactured gold, gold plated with platinum, spirit type jet fuel, Nile perch, brans, sharps and other residues of wheat, kidney beans including white pea beans whether dried, shelled, skinned or split.

Dairy products, especially other milk and cream in powder with 1.5 percent fat content but with no sugar or any other sweetening matter, are highly demanded in the UAE.

Key Activities

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