Investment Promotion

The Investment Promotion Division is one of the two core divisions of the UIA directly involved in the investment process. It is responsible for leading UIA’s efforts in the attraction of foreign and domestic direct investment. Services
  1. Provide investment information to all walk-in and online potential investors
  2. Arranging itinerary for Investors.
  3. Linking both local and Foreign investors
  4. Promote investment opportunities to the Ugandans in the Diaspora
  5. Organize regional investment promotion conferences
  6. Advising investors on free land acquisition on government industrial parks.
  7. Mobilizing women in business to promote B2Bs and encourage re-investment.


The Home is Best Diaspora Summit is an annual event organized by UIA usually in December. It targets Ugandans living in the Diaspora  

The Investor consultative conference is an annual event organized in June as part of the Annual Uganda Investment Week. Its goal is to promote investments in Uganda .