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Liao Shen Industrial Park

Liao Shen Industrial Park is located in Kapeeka, Nakaseke District.

Known as the poster child for tourism in Uganda, Amos Wekesa had it made in tourism, until the disruptions occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to diversify.

Kazire Health Products : From Uganda to Central Africa

Kazire Health Products is guided by a simple idea- letting food be your medicine. Growing consistently over 10 years, this Ugandan company is deeply committed to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities and has set its sights beyond Uganda to Tanzania, Zambia, the Central African Republic and all member states of the Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC). 

Two key elements of their campaign? Getting an investment license and setting up in an industrial Park. More

“I call myself a Ugandan living the Ugandan dream, while others think of living American or European dreams. When I came to Uganda as a young graduate I was earning just 300 dollars. Now I have this huge business empire here. I made it here in Uganda. That is why Uganda is a great destiny for me. That is why I have to do something, I have to give back to Uganda through the right corporate social responsibility. It is Uganda that made me achieve what I have achieved. I have to give back to society.””

Uganda is open for business

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