Opportunities in Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Uganda’s ICT sector is one of the most vibrant within the region and a fast-growing sector in the economy, offering many opportunities. Growth in this sector is supported by solid legal and regulatory frameworks. 

It is also connected to the three marine fiber optic cables off Africa’ east coast in the Indian Ocean. The newly developed and quantitative ICT infrastructure is ready to accommodate new investment. Uganda is positioning itself as a hub for business processing and management outsourcing in East Africa. 

The main opportunities for business process outsourcing and ICT services exist in agriculture, health, tourism, banks, insurance and public administration.

Featured Investment Projects


AMOUNT: US$180,000,000


17 acres of land are available for the development of an Information Technology (IT) – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Park that will act as a catalyst from raw material based exports to a knowledge-based economy.