Opportunities in Electronics

Uganda provides an unrivalled and largely untapped opportunity for electronics assembly operations. Uganda combines first-rate labour availability, the most competitive labour and overall operating costs in the EAC, an attractive and stable investment and working environment, an attractive incentives package and major market access.

Why Uganda ?

  • Lowest labour and operating costs in EAC.

  • Highly trainable workforce, excellent recruitment potential and labour participation.

  • Good availability of management & technical employees in Uganda and EAC.

  • Generous incentives on tax, import tariffs and training costs.

  • Large and growing market opportunity.

  • Core member of free trade areas – EAC (175 million) and COMESA (529 million).

  • Stable and investor-friendly political and economic environment.

  • Great location for key employees – excellent working and living environment.

  • Excellent potential for early-mover advantage.



Chinese firm, Hisense, assembled its first TV in Uganda in 2012 and is building a new 2,000 employee plant in Uganda, to assemble TVs, DVD players, radios, speakers, LEDs, home theatres, and home appliances.

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US firm CTI Africa is investing $10 million to start assembling smart phones in Uganda with deliveries in 2019.