Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is the Government agency mandated promoting and facilitating investments in Uganda.  UIA is the first point of contact for any potential investor where they can access various business registration, licensing, facilitation and aftercare services at the dedicated One Stop Center (OSC).  The OSC services are available online via

Investor Licensing

A company is eligible for an investment license after it has been incorporated in Uganda and meets the following thresholds. Foreign firms must have a capital investment that exceeds US$ 250,000 whereas domestic firms must exceed US$ 50,000.

Application for an Investment License from the Uganda Investment Authority can be done online. After all required documentation is submitted and satisfactory, the license is issued within 48 hours at no cost.

Investor One Stop Centre

The establishment of the One-Stop Centre by the UIA through the amendment of the Investment Act, 2019 created a single access point for information and service transactions for investors. UIA also houses Government and private sector institutions that are responsible for investment facilitation.

UIA houses a physical OSC with 14 agencies and an electronic One Stop Center (eBiz) where investors can access services online.

Industrial Parks

Uganda Investment Authority was tasked to develop 27 Industrial & Business Parks around the Country with an aim of creating more jobs, ease accessibility of land for investments, introduce new research, technologies and skills development as well as boost Uganda’s exports hence increasing Uganda’s revenue base. 

Domestic Investment Division

The Domestic Investment Division of Uganda Investment Authority supports and facilitates the development of MSMEs who are majorly domestic entrepreneurs. The overall goal of the SME division is developing sustainable domestic investments & SMEs.