Investor One Stop Centre

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16 Agencies
DTB Bank Branch

In order to make it easier to do business in the country, Uganda has reduced the amount of bureaucracy needed to secure licences and permits.

The establishment of the One-Stop Centre by the Uganda Investment Authority through the amendment of the Investment Act, 2019 created a single access point for information and service transactions for investors.

It also houses Government and private sector institutions that are responsible for investment facilitation.

UIA houses the physical OSC with 16 agencies and an electronic One Stop Center (eBiz) where investors can access services online. 

The Electronic OSC


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Reserve a business name

Register  a company



Get An Investment license




Physical One Stop Centre

The physical OSC currently houses the 14 agencies 

  1. General Inquiries
  2. Business Advisory
  3. Sector Specific Incentives
  4.  UIA Industrial Land Requirements
  5. Incentives of an Investment license
  6. Requirements for secondary licenses
  7. Investment Licence Issuance & Renewal
  8. Investment Facilitation & Aftercare
  1. General Inquiries
  2. Trading License Issuance
  3. Building Permit Applications
  4. Ground Rent
  5. Property Rates
  6. Other KCCA Fees
  7. Local Service Tax
  8. City Operator Identification Number (COIN) Issuance
  1. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  2. Environmental & Social Impact Compliance
  3. General Inquiries
  1. Application for new connections
  2. Application for mains extension
  3. Water supply Upgrade 
  4. Resolve customer water complaints
  5. General Inquiries
  1. Business Name Registration
  2.  Company Registration
  3. Registration of legal documents
  4.  Intellectual Property Registration
  5. Members Voluntary winding up
  6. Civil Registration
  1. Applications for Visa’s
  2. Applications for Student Pass
  3. Applications for Dependant’s Pass
  4. Applications for Entry Permits
  5. Applications for Work Permits
  6. Applications for Certificates of Residence
  1. Products & Service Standards
  2. Products & Service Certifications
  3. Pre-Export Verification Conformity
  4. Products Testing
  5.  Weights & Measure
  6. Imports Inspection & Existing Regulation
  1. General Inquiries
  2. Land Title Verification
  3. Country-wide Search reports
  1. Employment Relations and Legal services
  2.  Business Support Services and Programs
  3. Lobbying and advocating for policies that promote decent work & productivity
  1. Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registration
  2. Tax Assessment
  3. Tax Incentives
  4. General Inquiries
  1. Bank Drafts
  2. Cash Deposits
  3. Issuance of personalized cheque books & debit cards
  4. Duplicate statements of accounts (current year)
  1. General Inquiries
  2. Free Zones License
  3. Information on Free Trade Areas
  1. Promotion of Conservation
  2. Investment opportunities in Tourism
  3.  Media and Public Relations Services
  1. New electricity Connections
  2. Resolve supply related problems
  3. Information regarding the Energy Sector