Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is the main organizer and coordinator of the Annual ‘Home is Best Diaspora Summits’ in Uganda since 2003.

Since 2014, the Summits were organized to take place in different regions of Uganda on a rotational basis, in order to give participants an opportunity to experience first-hand the development and the business opportunities in the different regions in Uganda. The meetings have therefore been organized in Gulu, Masaka and Kampala.

UIA also partners with Ugandan Diaspora Network (UDN) to hold the annual Diaspora Business Breakfasts and Evening Gala. 


The Summit seeks to mainly reaffirm the Diaspora commitment to participate in the National Development Plans at all levels and evaluate the Diaspora achievements in investments.

Specific objectives include:

  • To further strengthen the Uganda Diaspora partnership through investment and trade;
  • Get Diaspora’s direct involvement in the re-industrialization.
  • To exploit the expert knowledge the people in the Diaspora have acquired to create jobs in Uganda.
  • Strengthen the interaction of Uganda’s Public and Private sector decision-makers at a more localized level with the visiting Diaspora

Target audience

These include Uganda’s business community, Ugandans living in the Diaspora, Business development services providers and investment financiers among others.


Home is Best Diaspora Summit 2018 Report

Home is Best Diaspora Summit 2017 Report

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Some of our Partners

The Home is Best Diaspora Summit is organized with support and collaboration with partners.