SME Mentorship

The SME Mentorship Programme aims at enabling SME entrepreneurs who are at their early stage of business to learn from and be guided by accomplished entrepreneurs, senior executives, and professionals through one-on-one free counseling.
UIA engages retired and experienced business professionals to offer advice to an array of MSMEs through what we call the Wisdom Club.

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SME Advocacy

UIA continues to engage with key stakeholders to improve the investment climate for MSMEs. This is done through research and active participation in various activities that are geared towards improving the business climate.

A number of research findings and policy recommendations have been made. These are accessible on the UIA website.

Business Advisory

UIA seeks to maximize the growth potential, prosperity and sustainability of small businesses through enhanced access to information and business advice.

The SME Division provides first hand business related information on investment opportunities. About 205 Business Ideas are available on the UIA website to guide potential SME investors

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