District Investment Committees

In an effort to map the Investment opportunities and requirements in the local governments, Uganda Investment Authority embarked on the formation of District Investment Committees (DICs).

A well formed DIC has representation from the local government and the private sector. Usually headed by the District Chairman (LCV), it has the CAO, District Planner, 

Lands officer and DCO as the local government representatives. These are joined by 5 members of the private sector representing the main economic activities in the area. 

UIA together with members of Team Uganda such as UNBS, URA, URSB and IRA do undertake an orientation program for the members of the DICs to empower them to undertake the roles of investment promotion and facilitation within their areas.

During this orientation, the DICs members are capacitated to;

  • Identify the economic activity or resources available which it has a competitive comparative advantage over other districts.
  • Provide a base or infrastructure for investment promotion and training activities by UIA and any other partners interested in investment in that particular district.
  • Identify viable and bankable projects. This is a driving force for districts to compete among themselves in economic activities.
  • Provide a readily accessible point of contact with UIA and its investor services for local investors located outside the main urban core region.
  • Promote and extend the government policy of taking services nearer to the people. This is a cost-effective strategy of networking with the districts in the promotion and facilitation of investments
Together with UIA, they profile and compile the District investment profiles and these are amalgamated into Regional Investment Compendiums which are used to market the districts to interested investors.
They do address the needs of the local investors such as business registration, certification, skilling, training, partnerships, mentorships which they forward to UIA for technical assistance. Also UIA liaises with the DICs to identify suitable land to establish industrial and business parks where available.