Kampala Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

UIA is striving to address the often asked issue of limited financing for the MSMEs. 

The division is implementing this together with other government and private sector agencies interested in promoting alternative financing options such as Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel groups and crowd funding platforms.
UIA is continuously encouraging MSMEs to opt for this means of equity financing which is more long term than debt.
As a better option the well-equipped businesses are exposed to mezzanine financing options.


Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) together with partnering institutions organized the first ever Private Equity and Venture Capital (PEVC) Conference in Uganda in June 2015.

The second conference took place on 21st June 2016 with the  main focus to explore options of offering affordable (low cost and longer term) finances to the SMEs.

This annual alternative finance convention is expected to cut through the clutter & confusion, making it easy to gain the knowledge, connections and tools needed to achieve success and raise the capital or funding you need.

The Conference  features inspirational and educational opportunities for everyone. Participants enjoy a world-class lineup of speakers, stellar panel’s and workshops, interactive mentoring and coaching breakout sessions. Attendees have the chance to meet face-to-face with leading industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, previous beneficiaries, renowned industry sponsors, investors and so much more.

In 2016 it featured an exhibition for both the Corporate’s and SMEs who showcased their services and products to the participants.

The Conference offers participating entities including small business owners, entrepreneurs, humanitarians,  creative types, and the founders of high-growth start-ups the ability to raise capital from well beyond the known traditional methods of financing such as immediate friends and families, Banks, and other money vehicles.
The effect of all this is new business development so as to transform the economy of our country.

Key Activities

Keynote speakers to highlight the operation method of alternative financing options such as PE/VC, Crowd Funding, Mezzanine funding, and any other innovative finance.
  • Panelists to address the many sources of alternative financing suitable to the Ugandan SMEs
  • Pitching, B2B networking between SMEs and PE/VC firms.
  • An Exhibition


  • Offer an opportunity to Financiers to engage with and learn from fellow professionals and SMEs who are relevant to your areas of interest such as early and late-stage investing.
  • Attend presentations from experts and regulatory professionals who can provide insight into where your industry is heading.
  • Network with a high quality mix of venture investors and institutional investors so that deals can get done.
  • Participate in focused and in-depth breakout sessions on specific trends and events shaping the industry.
  • Explore how emerging markets can impact growth and provide opportunities for SMEs.
  • Learn how innovation can improve profitability and provide opportunities to position companies for strategic acquisitions and partnerships


Please contact:
Mr. Eria Kaweireku +256 414 301 123  or  +256 772 697 592