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2nd Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conference & Awards

The 2nd CSR Conference & Awards is organized by the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) in cooperation with various partners including: Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Federation of Ugandan Employers (FUE), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA), GIZ Energy Program (PREEEP), Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development (MEMD) in association with the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) in order to recognize and reward outstanding CSR activities and projects of companies in Uganda. The CSR Awards is designed to show that companies can strengthen their core business, increase their profitability and competitiveness and at the same time contribute to the country’s development by helping to solve social and ecological problems. These CSR Awards are meant to be one of the highest honors in acknowledging CSR activities in Uganda, which is reflected by the cooperation of the leading private sector and civil society organizations.

Purpose of the Awards

The Uganda CSR Awards aim to encourage the private sector, public as well as non-profit organizations in Uganda to develop sustainable activities and to increase the recognition of CSR principles in the public perception. It is designed to show that companies and organizations can strengthen their core business, increase their profitability and competitiveness and at the same time contribute to the country’s development by helping to solve social and ecological problems.

Companies that combine exemplary economic success with social responsibility and protection of the environment will be awarded. The Uganda CSR Awards is addressed to companies of all sizes and industries which consider to the greatest possible extent ecological and social issues in the process of value creation and operate profitably at the same time. Eligible are all companies and organizations that produce and/or offer goods/services in Uganda.

Uganda CSR Awards 2016

International Social Responsibility Standards

The ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard and the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact form the basis of the Uganda CSR Awards. In accordance with these standards and principles CSR experts have developed the Award categories, the questionnaires and the evaluation criteria.
ISO 26000 addresses seven core subjects of social responsibility defined in the standard:

1.Organizational Governance
2.Human Rights
3.Labor Practices
5.Fair Operating Practices
6.Consumer Issues
7.Community Involvement and Development

The Uganda CSR Awards contest will recognize excellence in sustainable CSR projects and decide on two nominees and a winner in each of the seven operational categories. Companies can apply for the following categories:

1. Best Labor Practices
2. Best Environment Program
3. Best Energy Management Program
4. Best Implementation of Fair Operating Practices
5. Best Concern for Consumer Issues
6. Best Community Involvement and Development
7. Best Sustainability Report

Above all, the judges will select the “Overall Winner of the CSR Awards 2016,” from the seven category winners, who will have shown the best sustainability performance in all categories. Furthermore we will award the Best Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) as well as the Best Large/Corporate Company and the Best NGO/Business Partnership from the seven category winners.

Uganda CSR Competition: How can companies participate?
The awarding of the prize is a three stage process as summarized below:

1.Submission of competition questionnaires (10th August – 10th October 2016)
To participate in the competition a user-friendly questionnaire will be provided, which inquires the sustainability performance of a company in the different categories. Participating companies can download the document, fill in the documents and send them back to UMA or PSFU. 

2. Jury decision (October / November 2016):
A jury of Ugandan and International experts will be elected and is identifying the best participants of all categories. During several meetings and verification interviews and visits in October/November 2016, the jury will be deciding about nominees and winners.

3. CSR Conference and Awards Ceremony:
The CSR Conference is scheduled to take place at the UMA Conference Hall on 30th November 2016 from 8:30am – 4:30pm and the CSR Awards Ceremony from 6:30pm on the same evening at the UMA Multi-Purpose Hall, both at Lugogo Show Grounds