Uganda Investment Authority Wins Global Investment Catalyst Award

Uganda, through its chief investment promotion agency, the Uganda Investment Authority, has won yet another prestigious award – the Investment Catalyst Award – in the 2023 Go Global Awards.

The coveted Go Global Awards recognizes and honors government foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic development agencies and businesses that significantly contribute to international investment, commerce, and global well-being.

The awards are also the ultimate global platform for business and investment promotion agencies seeking to extend their reach and establish a formidable presence in the international marketplace.

The 2023 edition of the Go Global Awards was held in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and hosted by the Rhode Island Secretary of Commerce, Elizabeth Tanner, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, and the International Trade Council.

Uganda’s Ambassador to the United States, Robie Konge, received the coveted award on behalf of Uganda and the Uganda Investment Authority.

The award enhances Uganda’s brand awareness, attracts new investments, and serves as a reputable third-party endorsement, while simultaneously providing clarity on investment goals, expanding network, uncovering new market opportunities, and benchmarking against competitors.

Commenting on the award, the Chair of Uganda Investment Authority, Mr. Morrison Rwakakamba, said it would motivate the authority to work even harder and promote Uganda as the best investment destination in Africa, adding that “let’s not rest”.

The Director General of Uganda Investment Authority, Mr. Robert Mukiza, said the award is testimony to efforts being made to promote and attract investments in Uganda.

Each year, around 50 domestic and foreign government economic development agencies and 400 companies, are invited to participate in the exclusive in-person final event round.

The Go Global Awards is a golden opportunity for the Uganda Investment Authority to pitch investment opportunities in Uganda to a global audience, build strategic alliances, and gain invaluable insights from the world’s business leaders.

The Go Global Awards program unites business leaders, government officials, and industry organizations, offering an exceptional opportunity to connect and collaborate. The participants share insights, foster partnerships, and celebrate achievements in the realm of global commerce.

The Go Global Award comes hard on the heels of another prestigious award – the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) global award – that Uganda won in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in early 2023, for attracting the best investment project (Modern Tiles) in East Africa in 2022.

The Uganda Investment Authority was also honored as the best investment promotion agency in East Africa.

Uganda has, for the second year running (2022 and 2023), ranked fourth out of 28 African countries in the Continental Financial Markets Index by Absa Group and the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, after South Africa, Mauritius, and Nigeria.

Uganda is also the most rewarding economy in East Africa, according to Oxford Economics Africa’s “Africa Risk-Reward Index 2023”. The independent index pointed to 3 factors: macroeconomic stability; enhanced political stability; and infrastructure development as key in making Uganda the most rewarding economy in East Africa.