Uganda Investment Authority Hotline Launch 1

Launch of the Uganda Investment Authority Anti-Corruption hotline

Hon. Evelyn Anite has called upon all frustrated investors to report corruption incidents in the Uganda Investment Authority. She made these remarks today 8th May 2017 at the Investment Center during the launch of the UIA Anti- Corruption Hotline (0800100770).

This hotline is going to be manned by the UPDF personnels because we are not even sure of the civilians anymore. We have realized that the only institution corruption hasn’t eaten their born marrow is UPDF. We are going to be working with the Directorate of Public Prosecution, the Inspector General of Government and police to prosecute when a report about the corrupt officials is unveiled. She said

Mrs. Kaguhangire, the UIA Executive Director said that this directive has accelerated what she had in plans to do. “This has come at a time when we were going to create a unit to handle complaints and challenges investors face. UIA must bear transparency, integrity and professionalism. This feedback will help us improve on our everyday services we offer investors” She said