UIA warns Investors about fraudsters

By Uganda Investment Authority

Uganda Investment Authority through its anti-corruption unit together with Uganda Police identified a Fraud suspect who is currently held in police custody at CPS in Kampala.

This person (Name withheld for purposes of the ongoing investigation) has been sending out emails to a number of people asking for information on provision of Business and Consultancy services to UIA on permanent or contract terms to fully affiliated firms or individuals for a period of 5 months (June-October).

Please note that the Kaguhangirejolly@gmail.com email is fraudulent. The Uganda Investment Authority’s Domain is “ugandainvest”

We have so far received 17 proposals from mainly consultancy firms, insurance companies, construction and supplies companies, travel agencies and legal firms that fell victims of the prey.

Over 20 inquiries on information pertaining this particular issue.

We are also receiving information that there are companies purporting to be mandated by UIA to promote and facilitate investment. We would like to inform the public that UIA has not entered into any agreement with any private company to carry out its mandate of investment promotion and facilitation.

I wish to inform the Investors, Consultancy firms, Insurance companies and all affected people that UIA operates transparently and in systematic manner. We are open for all inquiries through our interactive website (www.ugandainvest.go.ug), general email (info@ugandainvest.go.ug) and feel free to reach us at our Head office at Twed Plaza, Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero.

I urge you to report any suspicious matters to us directly to limit the number of victims conned by these fraudsters.