Investment campaign 3

Uganda Investment Authority launches comprehensive campaign on investment facilitation and protection

By Shamim Saad and Babra Nambuya

In a strategic move to bolster Uganda’s economic growth and industrialization, the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) has unveiled a dynamic campaign focusing on investment facilitation and protection.

This initiative, spearheaded by Director General, Robert Mukiza, aligns closely with the vision set forth by His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who has mandated the establishment of at least 25 fully operational industrial parks by 2026.

Mukiza emphasized that the campaign aims to not only advance the government’s industrialization agenda but also stimulate import substitution, foster export growth, and solidify Uganda’s position as the premier investment destination in East Africa, a recognition reaffirmed by the prestigious Annual Investment Awards in Abu Dhabi in 2023.

“In this concerted effort, we are committed to providing timely support to both domestic and foreign investors, ensuring they fully capitalize on the array of incentives Uganda offers, including access to industrial park land,” Mukiza underscored.

Furthermore, Mukiza outlined UIA’s collaborative approach with key government entities such as the Uganda Revenue Authority, State House Investors Protection Unit, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, NWSC, UMEME, and others to streamline services for investors. Any impediments or bureaucratic hurdles encountered by investors will be promptly addressed to facilitate seamless operations.

“To address challenges first-hand, I will personally conduct on-site visits to investors across all industrial parks, identifying and resolving issues expeditiously,” Mukiza affirmed.

In a bid to enhance accessibility and responsiveness, Mukiza unveiled a dedicated 24-hour hotline where investors can lodge complaints or make requests, promising swift resolutions within a maximum timeframe of 7 days.

Mukiza urged prospective investors to leverage the vast land resources available in the 81 square miles of industrial park zones nationwide, with a special emphasis on empowering indigenous Ugandans.

“If you have innovative value addition projects, we encourage you to engage with us. While the industrial park land is provided at no cost, it must be developed within specified timelines: 18 months for initial development, 2 years for building construction, 3 years for roofing structures, and 4 years for machinery installation. Failure to comply will result in the withdrawal of allocated land, publicly announced,” Mukiza cautioned.

He sternly warned against fraudulent activities, urging individuals to report any attempts to sell land to investors, emphasizing the imperative of safeguarding the President’s industrialization agenda. Mukiza reiterated that all UIA services are provided free of charge and can be accessed seamlessly through the One Stop Center.

In conclusion, the launch of this multifaceted campaign signals Uganda’s unwavering commitment to fostering a conducive environment for investment, driving sustainable economic development, and realizing its full potential on the global stage.