Cancellation of land title 1

Government revokes Investors’ fictitious land titles

By Shamim Saad

The government has seized title certificates that were purportedly given to different investors in the South C Estate of the Namanve Industrial Park through fraud.

Nearly 30 different investors lost billions of monies buying Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) land and getting fake titles from different sources, according to State Minister for Investment and Privatization Hon. Evelyn Anite.

“I want to give an assurance to investors, please do not buy land in Namanve Industrial Park, Land here is free. I repeat do not pay any person a single coin to get land in Namanve. UIA facilitates investors free of charge,” she said.

On Tuesday, April 02, 2024, while at the site visit at Namanve Industrial Park, Anite vowed to deal with anyone who damages the agency’s reputation by selling UIA land to investors.

“We now know of two individuals who are offering land for sale to wetlands investors. We’ll take any necessary steps to expose everything and hold them responsible. As leaders, it is our duty to safeguard the environment and our nation.” She cautioned

To one Kiiza Lamech, one of the investors lost UGX1 billion. In response, Anite stated that since the title had been canceled, he will have to reimburse him for his money, noting the fact that land in a wetland that has not been developed but cannot be developed in compliance with a presidential mandate.

The UIA’s Director General, Robert Mukiza said structures built within green spaces are preventing water from flowing in the drainage channels.

“It was prudent to revoke the titles in order to give the contractor a clear right of way to build the infrastructure in the parks” he alluded.

On his part, Joseph Baroraho, the person who sold land to investors, stated that he bought the land from the Ministry of Lands, obtained a report following a search, and paid the individuals who issued the titles and transferred them to his name fifteen years prior.

“Because I lawfully purchased the land, I sold to investors who approached me to buy and I have been present whenever investors have had issues with the land” he explained.

Baroraho suggested that before blaming the people who purchased the land going ahead, the Minister address the Lands Ministry first, citing their status as the land’s guardians.