Launch of Parish-to-Market Model in Acholi

President Museveni tips people of Acholi sub-region on investment and wealth creation

H. E. President Museveni launching the Parish-to-Market Development Model for Acholi sub-region.

President Yoweri Museveni has advised the people of Acholi sub-region in northern Uganda to exploit abundant resources and investment opportunities in order to fight poverty and create wealth.

The President toured the region from February 23 to 24, 2023 to mobilise people in the resource-rich sub-region on investment and wealth.

President Museveni visited a number of successful farms and agro-processors after which he met leaders and later the general public in Gulu City.

Emphasizing that “medicine for poverty is wealth”, the President said Acholi, blessed with lots of fertile land offers opportunities for investment and wealth creation especially in the agricultural sector.

The President decried the mentality of many people who want to have infrastructure like roads, pipe water and electricity first before engaging in any money making venture. He cited many successful farmers who have embarked on the road to prosperity instead of first waiting for infrastructure development.

President Museveni said although a tarmac road is ideal for agricultural value chain, food products can still get to markets with or without it, citing how already tarmacked roads have not yet transformed the areas they go through.

He said the best approach is for the people to engage in activities like commercial farming and agro-processing in order to fight poverty and create wealth.

The President prescribed the four-acre model as a sure route for wealth creation in the sub-region. The model accommodates a number of fast-earning farming enterprises like coffee, bananas, poultry, dairy, etc. on four acres of land.  

The President, who toured the agro-processors and value addition exhibition organized by Uganda Investment Authority, said that is the way to go, and asked his staff to ensure their details are captured and support offered to them.

The State Minister for Privatisation and Investment, Evelyn Anite, said Government is going to set up two industrial parks in the region – one in Acholi East and the other in Acholi West.

Investment Minister Evelyn Anite.

The minister said the mission in Acholi now is promotion of investment in order to fight poverty.

The Chair of Uganda Investment Authority, Morrison Rwakakamba, said the agro-processors will be prioritized in the industrial parks.

Acholi agro-processors who will be given priority in industrial parks.

The President also launched the Parish-to-Market Model, a new development initiative championed by Prof Otunu Ogenga and Operation Wealth Creation.

The model will promote commercial farming and associated value chains on over 150,000 acres of community land in Acholi sub-region.

The next Presidential Tour will be in West Nile, before rolling the rest of Uganda’s 18 agro-ecological zones.

Attendees of the Presidential Tour.