Youth Apprenticeship Program

The programme prepares young educated youth for the option of self-employment by equipping them to become SERVICE PROVIDERS. 

According to the World Bank Report 2013, youth unemployment stands at over 62% in Uganda and each year over 400,000 young people are released onto that job market. The job market will need to grow at a much faster rate to overrun the gaping unemployment. This is why the YAP provides a unique solution to unemployed graduates.

The apprentices help SMEs to set up simple record keeping systems and provide weekly business records. This enables them to analyse the profitability of their businesses in real time.

The Youth apprenticeship program offers a mutually beneficial partnership that will improve the employability of and provide skills to the unemployed youth by offering opportunity to work (through volunteering) with the Micro and small business.

This programme mainly targets fresh university graduates.The apprentices are equipped to provide basic support in business management; like record keeping, stock records, customer services and sales and marketing support for FREE to SMEs.

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Today's Number ONE challenge for the increasing number of job seekers and the younger generation in getting employment is reported to be the lack of experience . This program intends to address the BIG question of: where do they get the experience without a job?

Having reviewed the shortfalls of ongoing approaches to help young people who are looking for a place in life, Uganda Investment Authority and Vantage Communications Ltd have developed an innovative Youth Apprenticeship program for graduates and students volunteers to obtain the much needed job experience by offering services to help micro, small and medium businesses on a pilot trial to get the neccessary job experiences.

Free training in basic business Administration tools and skills, record, keeping for apprentices shall be provided. After which the apprentices are deployed to help micro, small businesses that dont have formal process for keeping business records. Upon satisfactory delivery of the pilot trials the program can be upgraded for a small fee.

The target beneficiaries include businesses like: market vendors, saloons, shops, kiosk, restaurants, carpentry and metal works, etc.

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