The Uganda Investment Authority managemnet  and State Minister for Investment and Privatization, Hon. Evelyn Anite, launching the infrastructure developments in Kapeeka Industrial Park.

Investment Minister, UIA launch infrastructure developments in Kapeeka Industrial Park

By Shamim Saad

The State Minister for Investment and Privatization, Hon. Evelyn Anite and Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Board and Management have launched the infrastructure developments in Kapeeka Industrial Park.

Kapeeka Industrial Park in Nakaseke district emerges as one of the main points of transformative infrastructure development, marking a key step towards reinforcing Uganda’s industrial environment.

The commencement of infrastructure building within the expansive 1280-acre park, led by the Minister of Investments and the Board and Management of the UIA, signifies the beginning of a new phase of industrial progress.

This National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) project, supported by the Ugandan government, has the potential to completely transform industrial growth.

Speaking during the launch, Hon Anite noted that, the incorporation of extensive road networks and state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities highlights a dedication to cultivating an environment that is favorable for manufacturing excellence.

“The allocation of government funds towards the creation of industrial parks highlights a calculated effort to reinforce stable infrastructure. This project attempts to enhance trade and streamline transportation networks by giving priority to planned growth areas,” she said.

She added “Through the smooth connection of manufacturing centers, homes, and communities to markets, it creates a strong basis for long-term economic growth,”.

Hon Anite further highlighted that at the moment, Kapeeka Industrial Park is a booming center for 21 different industries. After the infrastructural project is finished, this figure is anticipated to soar, housing more than 80 factories.

The UIA, Board Chairman, Morrison Rwakakamba alluded that “the park’s allure is further enhanced by the recent installation of an energy network, which provides a more dependable and ample power supply to its expanding industrial base,”.

On his part, the UIA, Director General, Robert Mukiza noted that the pace of development at Kapeeka Industrial Park is indicative of its importance as a catalyst for economic growth in the Nakaseke District citing greater success upon the completion of the project.

The Liao Shen Kapeeka Industrial’s Managing Director, Zhang Hao, said the park will benefit from coordinated efforts and wise investments as a result of today’s groundbreaking for infrastructure development. He conveyed his appreciation to UIA and General Salim Saleh for their assistance to the park